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Coaching is a process of strategically guiding someone to improve performance. Over the years we have coached people from all walks of life for personal and professional excellence.

Here are few common reasons for people to opt for coaching from us:

  • To find more peace and happiness in life
  • To become a trainer
  • To enhance communication skills
  • To work upon accent
  • To work upon behavioral skills

If you want to become a trainer, improve your soft skills like assertiveness skills or negotiation skills or you want to work upon your communication skills dimensions like language or fluency you can easily avail our sessions and see changes in you right from the first session.

We like to work upon people’s strengths and let their inner potential come to the surface. Generally a typical coaching session is for 50-60 minutes. The sessions are generally spread over weekends or can be 1-2 times a week depending upon the area we are working upon.

Here are some FAQs regarding the Coaching Sessions:

Q: How many sessions would I need?

A: It depends upon what you want to achieve out of the sessions. There are some people who have some behavioral concerns and they feel empowered within three coaching sessions and there are some people who takes 12-15 sessions as they are working upon their Communication Skills or Training Skills. Once you have your first Coaching session, you will get to know how many sessions you need tentatively.

Q: I don’t live in NCR so how can I avail these sessions?

A: We conduct Zoom sessions for people who do not live in Delhi or NCR.

Q: What is the cost for these Coaching sessions?

A: The cost for the coaching sessions is not fixed as we have a variable scale that depends upon factors like if you are a student, currently working, looking for a job and so on. So don’t worry about it and avail your first session.

Q: Are my sessions confidential?

A: Absolutely. 100% secrecy is maintained about your sessions.