Oasis of Learning

Co-Creating More Purpose and Joy

Oasis of learning has a complete range of programs to cater to your Communication Skills, Voice and Accent and Cultural Sensitization needs. These programs focus on:

  1. Communication Skills Development

Participants are exposed to a range of activities, exercises and other methodologies to develop their knowledge and skills.

Workshop Contents include:

  • Good Vs. Effective Communication
  • Effective Communication Pyramid
  • Techniques to develop Oral Communication Skills
  • Techniques to develop Written Communication Skills
  1. Language Skills Enhancement

This program focuses on developing the language skills of the participants through knowledge check, concept sharing, concept application, skills check and application.

Workshop Contents include:

  • Components of Language
  • Thought Processing
  • Grammar and its application
  • Techniques to develop Language Skills           
  1. Accent Neutralization

The aim of this program is to expose participants to a range of listening and speaking exercises in order to reduce their Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) and develop a clear and globally recognized accent.

Workshop Contents include:

  • Stages of Accent Neutralization
  • Vowel and Consonant Sounds
  • Syllable Stress
  • Voice Modulation
  • Intonation
  1. Cultural Sensitization

This workshop takes the participants through a simulation based module to understand the finer details and application of a particular culture or that of global customers.

Workshop Contents include:

  • Culture and its various dimensions
  • Customer psychology and types
  • General Customs, Mannerism, Language
  • Application based upon the participants’ needs

Workshop Delivery Style

These sessions are full of active learning methodologies like:

  • Exercises
  • Activities
  • Learning games
  • Drills
  • Video Clips
  • Audio Clips
  • Group Exercises
  • Skits
  • Role plays
  • Listening Exercises
  • Mock Calls