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How about being Ultra-Positive?

''Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious.'' - Bill Meyer

 When you are ultra-positive, you are more creative, productive, energetic, attractive and receptive to God's will. Nothing of consequence happens until you promise yourself that you'll become the most positive person on earth. Raise your standards. Everything else flows from this key decision to shut yourself from others who blame, whine, gossip  and predict doom. Life is short. Take a stand.

One of the simplest ways to quickly upgrade your attitude is to begin and end each day with positive mental nutrition. Feed your mind with inspirational, spiritual, and motivational ideas for 10-15 minutes upon waking and before drifting to sleep. During these two time periods, your mind is extremely susceptible to programming, so make sure your inputs are positive, healthy, and goal-directed. Read, visualize, affirm, pray and rewrite your goals.

Summarize each day's victories, large or small, in writing. This one practice alone can transform your attitude and generate quantum leaps in self confidence. Write down your accomplishments each evening in a notebook.

Another way to ultra-positive living is consistent, moderate exercise. When you're in terrific shape, you feel better about yourself.

Four villains that foul up our lives include fear, worry, blame and guilt. These emotions terrorize your potential and immobilize your efforts towards becoming ultra-positive. When you begin experiencing results you didn't want or expect, it's easy to get scared and start thinking more about potential losses than potential gains. Consider negative emotions as lies. Deal with them directly by refusing to entertain thoughts that fuel them.

 Harbouring grudges and hostility against someone is upsetting. Practice forgiving somebody everyday. 

(This article has not been written by me but I found it very informative so thought of sharing it here.)

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