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Pearl Goleman

Yes, Pearl Goleman…that’s the alias I suggested her.

It was my first job as a corporate trainer in a BPO. I was in a graveyard shift which used to begin at 12.30 am. In my first batch I met Poonam Dhaliwal. She joined the company as a Call Center Executive, like the rest of the executives but she was different from others. She had a spark in her that set her apart. She had a deep resonating voice which echoed experience and life.

She was a post graduate in Micro biology but as she got married and had kids she could not pursue her B. Ed and so was left with the option to work as an agent. She had an exceptional memory. I got to know this when she was giving a presentation on American Culture. She had remembered all the US history and holidays by heart.

We started taking our breaks together and the more I spoke to her, the more I found a real and genuine person in her. She was ready to listen most of the times but when she would be disturbed, she just wanted to vent out and would not give you any chance to interrupt her.

One day she brought bread halwa for me. I had never tasted it before and found it very tasty. I also started carrying Samosas and Jalebis to the office and we would sit, sip, munch and chat in our breaks.

Due to some reasons I had to leave my job very abruptly. On the day, I left the job I called Poonam and asked her how she was. I asked her with whom she took her break. She replied, I don’t need a break now. I literally had tears in my eyes but I could not do anything to help her. I did call another team member and told her to take care of Poonam.

I met Poonam only twice after that. I got busy with my life and she with hers. We talk very rare and exchange messages on birthdays and festivals but the bond that formed within the five months was so strong that I still get comfort by just thinking about a friend who could resonate my feelings and understand me.

I lost a very dear friend of mine recently in an accident and I really felt very bad that I could not keep in touch with him. I took a lesson from that incident and I plan to spend a weekend in Amritsar with Poonam’s family soon… after so many years. I think we should not get so busy on our lives that we just let some relationships get to the back seat. Take out time to call all your near and dear ones and tell them how much they mean to you.

Care for the people who matter to you… don’t get angry at them for small reasons.. learn to forgive.. smile at their mistakes… Sometimes you just never know how life takes away something very precious from you.

PS: Here’s a picture of the visit to the Golden Temple with Poonam and Pawan (Her loving husband).



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