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Power of Behavioural Skills

I used to work as a Voice and Accent Neutralization trainer many years ago. When I would get excellent feedback from the participants I would really feel good. In the year 2004, my learning leader asked me to focus on behavioural skills. I conducted a session on Assertion Skills and I got a feedback that made me realize the power of behavioural skills.

After a week from the session a participant came to meet me in the trainer’s room. She asked me if she can talk to me for some time. I said, yes and this is what she said – “Atul, I want to thank you for the session. You know, I have always been a submissive person. Last year I got married and my found that my mother-in-law is very dominating. I didn’t know what to do. Yesterday, for the first time I said no to her in a very respectful and assertive manner and she was surprised. I feel, now I have the power in me to face this world.” She had tears in her eyes.

In my mind I was thanking my learning leader who patiently reviewed the course multiple times and told me to focus again and again on two questions - How is this information going to help the participant? How will participants use this in their lives?

To this day whenever I draft any module, I keep these questions in my mind.

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