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The Angel in All Children

Life is a journey of events. There are few events that are so profound that you can never forget them.

I am sharing one such incident with you. It was almost a decade ago when I was travelling from Chennai to Delhi. I was studying Masters in Psychology and had gone to Chennai to write my exams.

In the train I kept myself busy by my favorite hobby which is reading books. I was reading a book on Mind-body-soul healing. While reading I noticed some students in my compartment. I sensed some uneasiness in their behavior. Whenever a station would come some of them would go searching for something in the platform.

I didn’t pay much attention to it and slept for a while. When I got up I thought of having some soft-drinks I had kept for myself. To my surprise someone had finished the bottle.

At that point in time, one of the students asked me, if I was a doctor. I told him no and asked him why did he ask that. He told me that one of his friends was not well and he thought I might be able to help him.

I asked him what had happened to him. I saw a look of hesitation on his face. What he told me took me by surprise. He told me that his friend whose name was Manu, has become an addict of medical drugs. Drugs that we use for common body ailments and problems. He had to have those medicines as he was feeling very low without them. He asked me if it was possible for me to talk to him and help him any way. I was a little hesitant but I agreed.

I started talking to Manu and he told me about his past. He told me how he got addicted to those drugs. But the more I spoke with him the more I discovered that he was a very intelligent and smart kid who had probably lost his way home. He told me about some problems with his parents. He told me how he was hospitalized for de-addiction. He took my notepad and wrote some lines on it. It was more of a poem that he wrote. For the rest of the journey, I saw a bright and cheerful side of him. He also told me that he was the one who had finished my bottle of soft drink. As I knew Reiki, I sent him healing and prayed that he would feel better.

I could not keep in touch with Manu after that incident but that incident stayed in one corner of my heart. I would remember the lines he wrote in my notepad and would pray for his recovery and well-being.

Many years later I found Manu on facebook. I was happy to know that he was doing good and was healthy and happy.

Manu’s incident motivated me to work towards troubled youth and children. When I see children sharing their joys and sorrows with me and when I see the light in their eyes and smile… I remember that boy whom I met many years ago!

I think all children have an angel in them… all they need is little support, love and care to flourish and manifest their hidden power.

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