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Working with Affirmations

The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.”

An affirmation is usually a sentence or phrase that you repeat regularly to yourself and to let the universe know of your intention. It is advisable to practice a set of affirmations for 21 days.

A client of mine approached me and told me that her son was facing problems in studies and his chances of flunking the exams were very high. She kept on saying that, “He is not good in studies. He is a slow learner”. I counseled her and told her to just chant this affirmation, “My son is healthy, happy and smart. He is able to tap his inner wisdom and use it to prosper in life”. I also counseled the son and worked with him separately. Today that boy is working as an intern in one of the top hotels of India.

Working with affirmations is very simple.  You need to sit in a comfortable position and repeat the affirmation at least 11 times in a very slow manner. The best time to practice affirmations is when you get up or when you are about to go to sleep. You can still practice affirmations at any point during the day. Some people like to say the affirmations and some like to work with them by saying them mentally. Both are equally beneficial. Choose whatever works for you.

You can take a print of affirmation cards and paste in front of your desk or use them as a desktop background or screen saver.

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