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Psychometric Tests and Instruments for Training, Coaching and OD:

A 7-hour Program for Trainers and Coaches

Oasis of Learning presents an innovative program on how to use various psychometric tests and instruments.

Dates: June 8th and June 9th (6 to 9.30 pm)


The program lets the participants:

  • Get familiar with the common psychometric tests for personality, drivers, EI, Leadership, self-concept, career interest and work-life balance (15 Tests and Instruments would be discussed)
  • Provide clear instructions to the users to conduct the tests
  • Prepare tests reports and interpret them
  • Use the information for TNA, OD and other interventions

Participants would get soft copies of all the tests.


You shall be able to:

  • Use various psychometric tests during TNI for deeper insights
  • Conduct a wide variety of tests and instruments in your training sessions
  • Conduct personality, career drivers, leadership and self-concept tests for your coaching clients

Focus Areas

  • Ice-berg Competency Model
  • What are Psychometric Tests and Instruments
  • Reliability and Validity of Tests
  • Construct of a Psychometric Test
  • How to provide clear instructions to the user
  • How to score the tests
  • How to interpret the tests
  • Prepare tests reports and interpret them
  • Use the information for TNA, OD and other interventions


What you will learn in this

7-hour live Workshop

How to use psychometric tests during TNI?

Iceberg Competency Model

Application of tests and instruments

How to provide clear instructions?

How to prepare test reports?

How to use the information?

Registration Details

The charges for this workshop are INR 5000/-


You can click here to make the payment now (involves convenience charge).

You may pay via GPay or Paytm at 9999598964.

Do an EFT: Atul Sharma, Account Number: 002901548842, ICICI, IFSC: ICIC0000029


Atul Sharma

Know your Trainer

  • 22+ years of experience as a trainer, instructional designer and coach
  • Certified Trainer, Coach and Instructional Designer
  • MA Psychology, Diploma in Training & Development
  • Award winning trainer from Middle Earth HR
  • Trained employees from organizations like Accenture, Deloitte, NIIT and ISB
  • Impacted more than 150,000 lives so far
  • Founder and principal consultant at Oasis of Learning 

The Workshop shall be conducted via Zoom.

In case you have any queries, feel free to call at +91-9999 5989 64