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Case Study for Creating Synergy Workshop

Case Study

There was a village named Faiyum in Egypt. There lived Allarakha, who had a piece of land for farming. He was a happy-go-lucky person who would carry on his work and praise the almighty.

He wished he had more time for prayers so he appointed two men for his fields, Zahir and Abdul. …

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There are 12 blocks to listening: you will find your favorite among them. This is NOT a good or bad thing. Blocks simply get in the way of effective listening.

1. COMPARING mine is better, worse, the same as yours. If they did it my way . . ! Boy if they think that is tough, let me tell you how t…

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Ten Tips for Accent Reduction

  1. Observe the mouth movements of native speakers and try to imitate them. When you are watching T.V. look at the mouth movements of the speakers. Repeat what they are saying, imitating the intonation and rhythm of their speech.
  1. Until you learn the correct intonation and rhythm of English, s…

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