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A Lesson on Rapport Building

During my holidays after class XII exams, I was feeling really bored. Just then I saw an ad in the newspaper that required marketing professionals with no experience.

I thought of exploring that option. I was interviewed by two people on the phone and was told to come the next day. When I reached…

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A Great Mentor

I wanted to study Psychology for my post-graduation but during those days only Annamalai University used to offer a distance learning course in it. And one was supposed to go there to attend the contact classes and practical sessions. So, I took admission in the distance learning Master’s program at…

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How to Sell Comb(s) to BALD Monks

Three sales professionals applied to work for a huge company. As they were all evenly qualified, the interviewer decided to set a sales challenge and the person who sold the most would be awarded the job.

The challenge was to sell combs to monks of any temple up in the mountains. 

"You have t…

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Competencies of a Trainer

As a trainer there are few competencies which you need to have. Some of them are as follows:

  1. To be able to conduct Needs Identification
  2. Prepare TNA Report
  3. Write Terminal and Enabling Learning Objectives
  4. Do Action Mapping
  5. Research content as per the Action Map
  6. Training Design Preparat…

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ROI of Learning

I was just setting up my laptop for facilitating a workshop (2019) and I asked a participant who had attended the previous training about his experience.

He replied: Yes, Sir. Bahut acha raha. Poora ROI vasool kar liye hain. (It was very nice. I have got the complete ROI)

I love such participants …

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Ways to Explore Reach for Psychologists

If you are Psychologist, you might benefit from this.

Recently, I conducted a poll that asked why Psychologists don’t charge what they deserve.

I will not discuss the reason for the present situation here but here are some ways for you to explore:

  1. Believe that you deserve it: You need …

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Performance Improvement Variables

I was recently approached by a Trainer with 10 years of experience for a TNI (Training Needs Identification) template.

When I probed further, I got to know that the person has never conducted a TNI in their life.

This is a classic case where trainers only focus on facilitating and do not learn oth…

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A Networking Lesson

I was working as an Assistant Manager Training and had a virtual team and a boss who used to work from another location. I used to mind my own business and only used to interact with others regarding work.

After some months, I was joined by another colleague.

We had a training coming up and sh…

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Recipe for Tea

Do you know how to prepare tea?

I ask this question in my training sessions and almost everyone knows how to prepare tea.

Here’s a sample of what a participant wrote when I asked everyone to write the recipe:

1. Take a clean tea pan
2. Take water as per the requirement and place it on the gas

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An Activity for VILT Sessions

Ask the participants to make a paper plane in 60 seconds.

They also need to write their full name in capitals on the plane.

They need to begin when you will say START and stop as you say STOP.

Application: Time Management, Task Management, Communication Skills, Implicit Vs. Explicit Needs, Custom…

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A Story on Proactive Behavior

It is a story of a young man who wanted a job at Macy's department store. He presented himself to the personnel director who was cordial, but was told that no jobs were going to be available. Persistent, the young man refused to take no for an answer. He spent the next couple of hours browsing throu…

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How I got my first training assignment

I love books. I always have a book in my bag whenever I travel.

In the year 2000, I used to travel in a bus to go to my office. I used to board the bus from the starting point and so I would pick up a decent seat and get going with my book.

One day a lady sat next to me. She noticed me reading the…

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Working with Affirmations

The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.”

An affirmation is usually a sentence or phrase that you repeat regularly to yourself and to let the universe know of your intention. It is advisable to practice a set of affirmations for 21 d…

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Six Core Needs

According to Anthony Robbins, we are all driven by the need to fulfill six human needs basically. These 6 basic human needs are not just desires or wants, but profound needs which serve as the basis of every choice we make.

1. Certainty

This is the need for security, comfort and consistency

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It is all in your hands

In a village there used to live a wise old man. People really respected him and used to seek his guidance from time to time. Everyday people would gather under a tree next to his house and ask him questions and listen to his teaching. There was a young man in the village who was jealous of the wise …

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Which accent is the best?

Accent is a characteristic way of speaking based on a person’s ethnicity, mother tongue, location, peer group and work.

Ann Cook, a renowned Accent Trainer says that Accents are neither good or bad... they are just different.

If a person feels that he or she has a lot of Mother Tongue Influe…

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Power of Behavioural Skills

I used to work as a Voice and Accent Neutralization trainer many years ago. When I would get excellent feedback from the participants I would really feel good. In the year 2004, my learning leader asked me to focus on behavioural skills. I conducted a session on Assertion Skills and I got a feedback…

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Personal Mission Statement - Example

Emotional Bank Account

An emotional bank account is an account of trust instead of money. It’s an account based on how safe you feel with another person.

Covey identifies six ways to make deposits (or reduce withdrawals):

1) Understanding the Individual. This means listening intently to what the other person is sa…

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Handling Sessions with Large Number of Audience

  1. Get to know the administrative arrangements of the venue and see if some outdoor activities are possible.
  2. Would you have access to some volunteers who would be able to help you move the mic around, collect chits and other such activities.
  3. Focus on a ppt based session which has billboard text …

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