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I wanted to study Psychology for my post-graduation but during those days only Annamalai University used to offer a distance learning course in it. And one was supposed to go there to attend the contact classes and practical sessions. So, I took admission in the distance learning Master’s program at Annamalai University.

Over there, during my contact classes, I met Chitra Ravi who was an accomplished trainer and was studying to become a psychotherapist in Transactional Analysis.

I asked her- “Chitra, how do you conduct your workshops? What kind of activities do you do?”

Her answer was: “Atul, I make people practice what they need to do at their workplace for enhanced performance. I also use some activities that bring the insight easily.”

I remember creating my presentations and sending them for review to Chitra. She would give me feedback on every slide.

I used to call her often and ask many questions pertaining to the training process. I got to learn so much from her that was difficult to learn from books or otherwise.

Chitra introduced me to the wonderful world of Transactional Analysis and NLP. These were game changers for my life.

I remember when I flunked in the practical exams of MA and was about to leave the course, she motivated me and told me that in some time you wont remember all the hardships and you would have a degree to hold on to. And she was so right. Psychology helped in so much in my profession later.

I am greatly thankful to Chitra Ravi for being such a terrific mentor. It has been more than two decades of knowing her and during all these years she has been a beacon of hope, positivity, and support. I pray for her health, well-being, and continuing success.

Chitra conducts the introductory program on Transactional Analysis from time to time. If you are interested in learning this great social psychology toolkit, then do explore this link.



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