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A Networking Lesson

I was working as an Assistant Manager Training and had a virtual team and a boss who used to work from another location. I used to mind my own business and only used to interact with others regarding work.

After some months, I was joined by another colleague.

We had a training coming up and she told me- Atul, Let’s go and invite two senior people in our training.

I was confused and didn’t understand her objective but accompanied her.

She spoke to two senior members from the operations team and told them the objectives of the session. She asked them to share some anecdote from their life and motivate the participants to do their assignments after the training.

One of the leaders was invited towards the beginning of the session and the other was called towards the end. On the training day both the operations leaders came on time and shared their views.

The participants felt charged hearing their stories, the participation was amazing, we felt great delivering the session and got amazing feedback also. The best part was that for the first time we got timely post-work from the participants without much follow-up.

It was the first time someone made me realize the importance of networking in a practical manner.

I shall always be grateful to Smitha Negi for this wonderful life lesson.


Do not shy from connecting with people. Specially people who are influential. You never know how it might help you build more credibility.

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