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Performance Improvement Variables

I was recently approached by a Trainer with 10 years of experience for a TNI (Training Needs Identification) template.

When I probed further, I got to know that the person has never conducted a TNI in their life.

This is a classic case where trainers only focus on facilitating and do not learn other aspects of training.

But, I never got a chance to conduct TNI- was their rebuttal.

In an organization there could be many constraints, but if you want to learn and practice nothing can stop you.

I remember when I joined an organization as a Trainer, I conducted a needs identification with all the trainers to know their existing knowledge and skills about Instructional Design. My manager appreciated my proactiveness.

If you look at the Performance Improvement Model (Rummler), there are lot of variables that can influence performance:

  • Knowledge, Skills, Awareness
  • Physical Attributes
  • Psychological Attributes
  • Intellectual Attributes
  • Personal Values
  • Data and Information
  • Material and Supplies
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Budget and Headcount
  • Culture and Consequences

Starting from TNI might result is assuming that we need to fix the issue with training whereas the concern could to a result of some other variable.

If you would like to learn how to do needs analysis, set learning objectives, and prepare a training design then attend a workshop I shall be facilitating in December.

Happy Learning.

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