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Recipe for Tea

Do you know how to prepare tea?

I ask this question in my training sessions and almost everyone knows how to prepare tea.

Here’s a sample of what a participant wrote when I asked everyone to write the recipe:

1. Take a clean tea pan
2. Take water as per the requirement and place it on the gas
3. Turn on the gas
4. Once the water starts boiling add tea powder and sugar to it
5. Use milk if you want to prepare milk tea
6. Bring it to boil
7. Filter and serve it

Looks good. Isn’t it?

If you read carefully, you will understand that the recipe is not accurate.

How many cups of tea are we making? How much water, tea leaves, sugar, and milk to add?
When do you know that the tea is ready?

This activity helps the participants realize the importance of accuracy and completeness of communication.

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