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ROI of Learning

I was just setting up my laptop for facilitating a workshop (2019) and I asked a participant who had attended the previous training about his experience.

He replied: Yes, Sir. Bahut acha raha. Poora ROI vasool kar liye hain. (It was very nice. I have got the complete ROI)

I love such participants who actively put the learning into action and get the full ROI on their courses.

Around 250 trainers have attended my ‘Training Design’ workshop. I offer a 30-day mentorship where participants need to submit two training designs.

Only 30-40% of the participants submit the post work. Rest of the participants are happy with a certificate of participation.

As a trainer I feel a new high when I see participants putting their learning into action.

What kind of a learner are you?

In case you are looking for a passionate trainer to help you with learning and implementing training design, then do attend my workshop this weekend.

You shall practice conducting needs analysis, setting learning objectives, reviewing training methodologies, and preparing a training design.

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